TBIBank Mandarin Jennifer

Feng Lin
Rehabilitation Medicine
Nanjing Medical University

Participants: 3
Type of Study: TBIBank Protocol -- Mandarin
Location: China
Media type: video

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In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one corpus reference. If none is given, please use the primary AphasiaBank reference: MacWhinney, B., Fromm, D., Forbes, M. & Holland, A. (2011). AphasiaBank: Methods for studying discourse. Aphasiology, 25,1286-1307.

General Overview

All patients have Mandarin as their L1 and the etiology is CVA. Here is further information:
Patient Age gender Type WAB Months PostOnset
21a 53 male anomia 87 5
22a 45 male anomia 81 16
23a 26 male anomia 73 9