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The following articles present measures recommended for TBI research by the pediatric and adult Interagency Workgroups on Common Data Elements (CDE) in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Research. The project is described at this link: http://www.commondataelements.ninds.nih.gov/TBI.aspx

The aim of the CDE workgroups was to identify a core set of measures and procedures for use in TBI research, to facilitate comparison and aggregation of data across studies and investigators. The CDE papers include recommendations for demographic and clinical variables, biomarkers, imaging data, and outcomes measures.

CDE Papers with Recommended Outcome Data Elements:

CDE Papers with Recommended Demographic Data Elements

In addition to these CDE papers, we would like to call attention to these materials:

Review papers:

An example pediatric paper:

Examples of macro- vs. micro-level analyses:

Elicitation tasks/genres:

Novel/atypical measures: